Cody is really looking forward to AEW Revolution and believes that it could be their WrestleMania-level show. Cody spoke with Newsweek for a new interview and said that he hopes Saturday’s PPV could eventually become their biggest yearly event. 
“A lot of people ask us, ‘What’s your WrestleMania? What’s your big event?,’” he said. “We’ve never designated one event as the big event out of our four pay-per-views. But just kind of going with what my gut is feeling and seeing the marketing element, the thematic element, the staging element, I think Revolution may end up being the big one … If I’m wrong, that means one of the others is the big one, so it’s OK. But I have just such a good feeling about February 29th.” 
AEW Revolution takes place on Saturday from Chicago, Illinois with a headlining match of Jon Moxley vs. Chris Jericho for the AEW World Championship.Click Here: Tottenham Hotspur soccer tracksuit