sources:, Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Pro Wrestling Torch

— On, there is a big interview with John Cena regarding CNN and taking his comments on steroids out of context in the documentary that aired last week. Cena requested that CNN apologize for their misportrayal of his personal character on the show. CNN’s Director of Public Relations, Jennifer Dargan sent the following statement to WWE last night at 10:00 pm EST:

“CNN felt that Mr. Cena’s statement in the interview: “My answer to that question ‘have you ever used steroids’ is — the only thing I can say — I can’t tell you that I haven’t, but you’ll never be able to prove that I have” was a more expansive and complete answer — and that’s why we used it in the first run of the program. And we stand by that decision. But, we added the other quote on the Sunday replay where Mr. Cena first denied using steroids. We did this because of his complaint and the attention it received so that viewers could see how he said it both times.”

— The Dynamite Kid’s former wife, Michelle Smadu, was featured in CNN’s documentary. She may appear to be familiar because she is the younger sister of Bret Hart’s ex-wife Julie Hart. During the documentary, Smadu talked about the horrors of being married to the Dynamite Kid aka Tom Billington. Billington, who was also interviewed for the show, doesn’t think he was as violent as he is made out to be. Billington said, “I don’t think it was violent. I mean, I put a shotgun under her chin once, but I had no shells. I only pretended that.”

— While CNN reporter Drew Griffin and his production crew were putting together their hour-long documentary concerning drugs in the world of professional wrestling, they were scheduled to do an interview with Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. On the day Griffin’s team was scheduled to come to his house to interview him for the story, a change in plans occurred. Vince McMahon wouldn’t allow any interviews with anyone in WWE, including himself, if CNN put Meltzer in their documentary. In the end, McMahon won out as the documentary featured interviews with WWE employees, not to mention access to a WWE event backstage, and Meltzer was nowhere to be found. Furthermore, there is no word yet if a few specific wrestlers such as Marc Mero & Konnan were barred from appearing on the show at McMahon’s request.

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