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Nearly two years ago, Christie and Sailor, along with Alexa Ray Joel, posed together in bikinis for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, which Sailor called a “very empowering and liberating” experience.

Christie said, “I kept saying, ‘If you’re ever going to get your picture taken in a bathing suit, doing it with Sports Illustrated is the way to go.’ It may look like you’re all alone on this beautiful deserted beach but there are two guys standing there with reflectors, putting the light on you.”

The one year later, Christie broke the news to Sailor herself that she would be joining SI Swimsuit 2018 rookie class. “You’re on your own now,” Christie told Sailor after delivering the good news. “You’re out of my sandy footprints, and you are on your own!”

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Sailor’s been vocal about the pressure she feels following in her mother’s footsteps as a model. “I grew up looking at these photos of my mom, never thinking that I would ever be able to do that,” she told People.

“To be compared to my mother who has this extremely successful career under her belt when I’m just getting started? And to have people say I’m never going to have what she has or be what she is. I’m not trying to be her. But I’m fine. I don’t get hurt by this stuff,” Sailor added. “It was just such a surreal moment for me because I’ve looked up to all the SI models and my mom — they’ve always been my inspirations.”