— Alan Wojcik has a lengthy interview with “Wildcat” Chris Harris titled “Thank God Braden Walker Is Put To Rest.” In the interview, Harris goes into great detail regarding his departure from TNA and his stint in World Wrestling Entertainment. Harris said his time in WWE “was the most miserable time in my life and career.”

“It could have been them not using me, me missing home or just wanting out and wishing to take the move there back. I know what I was going through,” Harris said. “It was a dream job shot to work 14 years and sign that deal, yet I was so uncomfortable.”

Harris said people started to see him as a changed man. FCW official Dusty Rhodes asked him, “where did the Chris Harris I knew from TNA go?” Harris replied, “he’s not here,” and added that he doesn’t know where he went.

After his last match in WWE went down (with James Curtis on the 8/5 ECW), he talked to company officials and said he was going to try to make things work. However, Harris believes they could see in his body language that he was done.

Harris was released two days later following a phone call from John Laurinaitis. His girlfriend saw him smile and said it was first time she’d seen a smile on his face in six months. “That should give you some insight how things ended,” Harris said.

Also, Matt Hardy was looking to team up with Harris in WWE, hence his comment in a brief backstage segment on the 7/29 ECW in which Hardy said to him, “I hear you’re quite the Wildcat.”

“Matt came up with that on his own. I have no idea if that was to lead somewhere,” Harris said. “Matt was open to the chance of working as a team. He threw the comment in there and to tell how ignorant the writers were I don’t think they caught the reference. The TNA fans totally got it and I had a good laugh. I wish it had gone somewhere because Matt & I became friends during my stay in the WWE.”

Harris also responded to a question regarding a parody on YouTube.com called “The Definitive Braden Walker 3 Disc DVD Set.”

“I heard about it but never got around to seeing it,” Harris said. “Between you and me, Braden Walker was a joke and if they can laugh at it, great it won’t hurt my feelings. Can I send $10 to a site and score my copy? There are fans that say I failed and that’s ok. The loyal fans out there know Chris Harris could have been a great fit.”

You can read the interview in its entirety at the following link.

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