WWE Smackdown Live star Charlotte Flair spoke this week with Helen Yee of LVSports Network at the ESPN Sports Humanitarian Awards, and you can watch the full interview above. After noting she hopes to face Ronda Rousey one day, Charlotte had the following to say on Rousey’s in-ring progression in WWE:

“While she’s in Olympia and she’s a natural athlete and I never second guessed her ability. It’s just what we do is very time-consuming. So she’s put in the time, you can tell she has passion and just with every match she continues to get better and that’s what it’s all about. It’s just improving and she wants to earn it and you can see it.”

The Miz Offers Advice to Aspiring WWE Stars

As noted, The Miz and Maryse appeared on Larry King Now ahead of the premiere of their new reality show “Miz & Mrs” on USA Network, and during the interview, Miz offered the following advice to aspiring WWE stars:

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“There are so much sacrifices that you have to make to become a WWE superstar, whether it’s relationships, whether it’s injuries, whether it’s, you know, moving, traveling, being away from friends and family and stick with it was the best thing because so many people I watched not stick with it and quit.”

h/t to WrestlingCulture.com for the above interview transcriptions.