One of the major fashion highlights in recent memory has been the reemergence of an über glam and runway-ready Celine Dion, who has consistently served look after killer look on sidewalks and red carpets alike.

If you’re dying for tips on how to get her high fashion aesthetic, you needn’t look further than her wardrobe team, especially Dion’s friend and stylist Law Roach, who gushed about working with the singer to Page Six

Edward Berthelot/GC Images

“I think I’m really inspired by her and just other women. Celine has no fear and she’s really a fashion girl and when you have the opportunity to work with someone with no fear … I can literally bring her anything and she’ll like try it on and we play in clothes,” the stylist said Sunday at the MTV Video Music Awards.

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“Playing in clothes” can sometimes take awhile, though. Roach revealed that he and Dion “literally have five- or six-hour fittings and just play or laugh or talk fashion.” With a style as bold and memorable as Dion’s, it isn’t a total shock that it takes time to come together. In fact, the fittings sound like quite a party to us. 

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Can we score an invite next time, Law?

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