Former WWE superstar Carlito continues to Defend The Rock against other wrestlers who are upset The Rock is getting such a prominent role at WrestleMania.

Last week, Carlito argued that WWE talent should be happy that The Rock is making WrestleMania a success – and questioned if any other WWE stars could sell out a 70,000 person stadium for WrestleMania The Rock.

Carlito later added the following, throwing in a joke about CM Punk:

“Oh, and I meant wrestlers on today’s roster. Of course stone cold with the right angle could sell mania out.”

“Punk sell out mania? He cant even get backstage at madison square garden! Oh snap!….that was just a joke b%*es!”

“The problem with john cena is that he has carried the company on his back for years and now people are sick of him.”

Carlito was later asked by a fan if he could WrestleMania. Carlito said he could, only if it was held in a bingo hall.

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