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– WWE SmackDown Live Superstar Becky Lynch recently participated in a interview with DigitalSpy and discussed a wide variety of wrestling topics, check out the highlights below:

On wanting a match with Stephanie McMahon:

“I would love to step in the ring with Stephanie McMahon – she’s an incredible woman and amazing at what she does in how she can get the attention of the audience. To be able to step in there and face her would be a great opportunity.”

On serving as team captain for team Smakdown:

“When I was the first Women’s Champion for SmackDown Live, it was a great source of joy and pride for me,” Becky said. It was my mission to make sure it was the better brand and that it had very engaging storylines and that people would get invested in whatever was going on. I wanted them to really care about the women we have on SmackDown Live – and of course the men.”

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On waiting to face Asuka:

“Asuka’s great and I’ve had the chance to wrestle with her – tag with her and face her – in Japan, when we went to Tokyo last year,” Becky said. She’s a great talent and eventually we’ll get to face off again in the ring.”