As we noted yesterday, via, Rey Mysterio has signed a two-year deal to return to WWE, and his return to TV will take place once creative works him back into the storylines.

According to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, while news of the deal broke on Wednesday this week, the deal was worked out awhile back, and was the reason why Mysterio pulled out of a scheduled Northeast Wrestling appearance in August. Mysterio also turned down all dates beyond September 2nd, and while WWE did not want Mysterio working the “ALL IN” PPV, it was something he really wanted to do so he worked the show. WWE also did not want Mysterio to work the NJPW Budokan Hall show either.

As for the new WWE deal, it is for two years with Mysterio being able to opt out at 18 months, and it will be for a limited amount of dates as opposed to a full-time schedule. This was something Mysterio had been fighting for since he began negotiations with WWE back in January before the Royal Rumble. At his age and with his history of injuries, Mysterio cannot work a full-time in-ring schedule, and he was able to negotiate a limited amount of dates in his new deal.

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The Wrestling Observer Newsletter