by Randy Klemme
Ep 11–1/1/2020
“Something Left to Prove”
Joe Galli and Stu Bennett on commentary as David Marquez greets Mama Storm’s baby boy Tim Storm. Tim Storm comes out dressed for a match. Last week in the blind draw he was picked to go against NWA World Champion Nick Aldis. Aldis comes out and says he has the only belt that makes you a big deal in professional wrestling. Aldis claims he entered the NWA TV title tournament for fun since there was no one in the back left to challenge for the worlds title. Storm says he is ready for that match now.
Aron Stevens v Sal Rinauro
Stevens says this match is a submission only match and that’s the only way it can be won. The match started out slow with Stevens dominating. Stevens was able to get Rinauro to tap out to the Mongrovian Clutch (cobra clutch) after just a few minutes. Stevens refused to let go of the hold when Trevor Murdoch made the save. Stevens says Murdoch was becoming a real big problem and was willing to have a match with Murdoch for his spot in the NWA TV title tournament.
A crazy high spots commercial
Aron Stevens v Trevor Murdoch
Murdoch seems to becoming a big fan favorite as the crowd was really behind him in this match against Stevens. After a couple of exchanges, Murdoch got Stevens to tap out of an Indian Death Lock to keep his spot in the tournament.
We come back from commercial with the Pope, Eddie Kingston and Homicide talking at ringside about their recent success.
NWA Hardtimes is coming on Friday, January 24th on PPV. All tickets for the event are sold out!
Eli Drake is at the interview desk talking about finding a new tag team partner. Colt Cabana comes over and mentions the bad blood between Drake and Ken Anderson. Drake says thats one guy he will not tag with and continues to run his mouth on Anderson. An upset Anderson comes out and Drake says he kicked Anderson’s butt twice, he will do it a 3rd time.
Marti Belle w/Melina v Tasha Steelz
Belle I believe thought it was going to be an easy match. Marti had Steelz in a couple of tie-up holds but Tasha was able to break free. Steelz hit Belle with a unique neckbreaker from the middle rope and followed it up with a cutter for the pin. Melina was visably upset with Marti Belle after the match
It was announced Girl Power was coming soon to the NWA
The next match was drawn for the NWA TV title tournament. It was Zicky Dice against Caleb Conley. That match is next week along with a 3-way tag team match
Main Event–Tim Storm v Nick Aldis–TV title tournament
Aldis came out in street clothes and reminded everyone he entered the tournament for fun. Crowd starts chanting towards Aldis calling him a coward. The world’s champ says he has a replacement and it’s none other than his team partner Royce Isaacs from “Strictly Business”. Needless to say Isaacs was upset and took it oit on Isaacs. The TV title matches have a 6 minute 5 second time limit and it took just over 4 minutes minutes for Storm to beat Isaacs with the Perfect Storm to advance in the tournament.
Next Tuesday the NWA will be back at their normal time at 6:05pm on the NWA you tube channel…….Click Here: baby knitted shoes