The following results are provided by Doug Enriquez for as a part of our complete WWE Royal Rumble live coverage.

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Asuka starts strong with some kicks and then tries for the hip attack, but Becky Lynch moves and Asuka crashes and burns. Becky gets on the top rope and hits a missile dropkick on Asuka. Asuka back up and charges at Becky, but Becky sends her to the apron. Becky tries for the shoulder, but Asuka counters with a neck breaker.

Asuka gets back in the ring and hits a shining wizard and goes for the cover, but Becky kicks out. The match makes its way to the ring and Becky fights back. She looks to hit the BexPloder on the apron, but Asuka counters. Instead, Becky turns it into a front suplex OFF THE APRON and Asuka crashes onto the floor. Becky follows it up with a BexPloder on the outside! She throws Asuka into the ring and then Becky gets on the top rope and nails her leg drop! She goes for the cover, but Asuka kicks out.

The match makes it back to the apron and Asuka runs and nails the hip attack to Lynch and Becky goes flying into the post! Back in the ring, Asuka locks in the arm breaker, but Becky turns it into a pin. Asuka kicks out, but turns it into the Asuka Lock! Becky somehow makes it to the ropes and Asuka is forced to release, but grabs Asuka into a German Suplex! Lynch is dazed and Asuka hits a series of kicks and Becky looks OUT. The referee checks on Becky and is nearly going to call for the bell! Becky grabs the leg of the referee and tells him not to stop it. Asuka comes and nails Becky with a kick to the head and then goes for the cover, but Becky kicks out!

Both women are on their feet and Becky tires to fight into DisArmHer, but Asuka pushes Becky in the referee. Becky turns around and Asuka looks to spray the mist, but Becky kicks Asuka in the midsection and she spits it out as she falls back! Becky is able to lock in the DisArmHer to pick up the submission victory!

Winner AND STILL WWE Raw Women’s Champion: Becky Lynch