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— Next week’s WWE programming — Raw, Smackdown and ECW — will air on tape delay. The Raw roster is scheduled to venture off to Africa for a tour after the Labor Day holiday. Due to that, Raw will be taped this Sunday night in Columbus to air Monday. Next week’s ECW and Smackdown shows will be taped Saturday night in Cincinnati. Due to this, ECW will run on a three day delay and Smackdown on a six day delay.

— has put up some short profile videos of a few of the 2007 Diva Search contestants who didn’t make the final cut. The section most notably includes videos of model Gia Allemande (who recently broke up with her fiancé, Yankees pitcher Carl Pavano and has done some stuff with Maxim) and Jamie Szantyr, who is better known as Northeast indy women’s wrestler Talia Madison. Talia has been wrestling for about six years, is the girlfriend of WWE star Gregory Helms, has been backstage at several shows, and has even worked a match on WWE programming before (two years ago against Victoria on Sunday Night Heat). You can see all the videos at this link. All of the profile videos include footage of the girls being notified of their respective eliminations by the one and only Todd Grisham. They then show footage of the girls leaving the room and their initial reaction to being cut from the competition.

— Vaughn Lilas of Derby City Wrestling (which is a feeder school to Ohio Valley Wrestling) didn’t feel very good at class last Monday and ended up in the hospital two days later. He was apparently 30 minutes from having his appendix burst. It was removed and he’ll be recovering for awhile.

— See recent pics of Dawn Marie, Amy Zidian, Ariel, more! (>>)