Raw House Show Results, Newark DE
From Katie, Rajah.com reader

So, I went to the Raw house show in Delaware tonight, and I must say that the house show experience is much different from the Raw/SD/PPV experience.

We get there around 5:00ish, and were hanging out trying to score some autographs, but the rent a cop/UD State Police Failures were yelling at us the whole time even though no one was like running back there or anything. We saw John Cena driven in, and Snitsky, Mike Chioda, Charlie Haas all arrived together, as did Kofi, JTG, and Tony Chimel. D-Lo was also driven in.

Some fan in a white limo pulled up with longhorns on it, and it said JBL Sucks and Cena Rocks all over it. People thought it was JBL and were booing him, which was funny since it obviously wasn’t him. Getting in wasn’t too bad. A lot of kids were in attendance.

Chimel kicks off the night by telling us that we can text in our choices for the Main Event stips: 2 out of 3 falls, No DQ, or Falls Count Anywhere. Kelly Kelly was our host for the evening, and picks a kid out of the crowd to be a manager for a match. They play the Anthem and we begin with….

Matt Striker vs. Kane

Matt gets on the mic and starts saying that he is our teacher and questions the University of Delaware’s choice of the Blue Hen for their mascot. He says that they should bring out a “Blue Hen” for him to face. Kane out to a MASSIVE pop. He wins a squash with the chokeslam.

Snitsky vs. D-Lo Brown

D-Lo out to a good pop, Snitsky out to heat. Immediately began with the brush your teeth chants. Decent back and forth match, Snitsky locked in the crossface a few times. D-Lo eventually wins with the Lo down. After the match, D-Lo walks with the kid that Kelly picked earlier on his shoulders, high fiving fans. You could tell the kid was stunned and having the time of his life, which was so sweet.

Charlie Haas vs. Jim? Curtis

I couldn’t hear the first name cause the sound system sucked. Charlie argued with some fans before. Charlie worked over Curtis and Curtis won with a quick rollup.

Jamie Noble vs. William Regal

Good, solid mat match. Lots of reversals/counters, etc. Jamie worked over Regal’s knee for a lot of the match. Delaware showed a little bit of ADD though, as I could hear people grumbling that this was going on too long. Regal wins with a stiff kick to Jamie’s face. Jamie got a standing ovation and a Jamie Noble chant after the match.

Santino Marella vs. Kofi Kingston

This was for the IC Belt. Santino grabs the mic before hand and talks about how we will see history tonight when he wins the belt. Of course he loses. Kofi was over with the youngsters in the crowd, but I was kinda more interested in the two women who were about to get in a fist fight and had to be warned by the rent a cops.

Kelly comes out and looks at some signs, and picks a kid to take backstage. There was a brief intermission…Chimel pimped the merchandise stand. We come back with…

Mickie vs. Katie Lea

This was for the women’s title. Mickie got a really good pop. They were given a good amount of time, and this match was better than their TV matches. Katie worked over Mickie’s arm for the majority of the match, and Mickie ends up winning with the Mick Kick.

Cena and Cryme Tyme vs. Jericho and Team Priceless

Jericho came out to a face pop at first, then gets on the mic beforehand and cuts pretty much the same promo he has been cutting the last few weeks about killing HBK’s career and each of us to garner some heat. Simply Priceless is out next to heat. Cryme Tyme out to a REALLY good pop, then Cena comes out to a MASSIVE pop. I swear I went deaf for a minute. Jericho/SP work over Cena for a bit, then Cena gets the tag and they work over JTG too. It ends with Cena hitting a double Five Knuckle Shuffle on Jericho and Ted Jr. then getting the STFU on Cody for the win. The three faces celebrate then leave.

JBL vs. CM Punk in a No DQ match

We voted 67% for No DQ. JBL out first. He cuts a promo and busts on Delaware, asking Chimel who in the hell booked him on a Saturday night in Delaware. Chimel says it wasn’t him and has trouble keeping a straight face, as did Chioda. JBL calls out some famous author in the front row (don’t ask me who it was, lol) and says that he is pretty much all we have to offer, and says he can’t wait to get back to New York City. CM Punk out to a decent pop, nowhere near Cena’s level though. They have a good match with trash cans, cookie sheets, steel steps, etc. which Punk wins. Punk celebrates with fans afterwards.

Not a bad night. I just wish security would have had a better handle on kids, as I was nearly trampled every time a match ended by kids rushing from the top of the arena to the floor area. There was one spot in the Main Event where Punk/JBL were in the crowd and it looked like a dam of water burst cause all you saw were kids running down the steps. It’s bull that they allow that to go on cause someone can probably really get hurt.

Biggest Pops

Cena (by far)
Cryme Tyme
CM Punk

Most Heat

Charlie Haas

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