Roman Reigns’ departure from WWE due to health issues sent shockwaves throughout the pro wrestling industry. Neither fans or Roman’s peers seemed to be aware of his past battle with leukemia, which made his announcement all the more shocking.

That’s also true of former World champion Edge. The WWE Hall of Famer recently spoke to Sports Illustrated about how he felt watching Roman’s last night on Monday Night Raw.

“I had to retire due to injury, but in this case, we’re talking life or death,” said Copeland. “This is leukemia, a thing you don’t expect to hear from a guy who is in the prime of his career and looks like a superhero. The first thing I felt when I heard the news was sad, but I don’t think Roman wants people to feel that way.”

So how does Edge feel about the possibility that Roman Reigns has worked his last match?

“I feel for him, but the best thing he can do is surround himself with his family, and that’s what he’s doing,” said Copeland. “As long as he gets healthy, who cares if he ever wrestles again? I watched him on Raw and thought that moment had to be really, really difficult, but he handled it with poise and class.”

Many WWE fans have wondered if and when Edge will decide to come back to Vince McMahon’s company. Is it possible that The Rated-R Superstar could return and do something substantial at some point?

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“I can’t physically put someone over, but I can feel very confident in my ability to tell a story through a promo. That’s what Mick Foley does when he comes back, and that’s what I want to do. So when I heard I was with Becky and Charlotte, they have one of the best stories in wrestling, and I knew I could help further their story along.”

There is no timetable for Roman’s return to WWE and it’s unknown if Edge will come back in the near future.

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Sports Illustrated