WWE has posted a video of Triple H reflecting on the NXT Takeover: New York event. Takeover was a wildly successful night of action for the black and gold brand, as two new champions were crowned and fans around the world were thoroughly entertained.

Hunter talked about whether or not the adrenaline had worn off from the event.

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“This whole week is just one big adrenaline rush. The event was so good and you know immediately thereafter, it’s Facebook Live, it’s talk to talent, it’s go and do press. You don’t have a whole of time to revel in the moments.”

The Game has been heavily credited with the overwhelming popularity of the NXT brand and rightfully so. Hunter and WWE have assembled a truly outstanding talent roster and that roster is growing all the time.

Triple H talked about the importance of the coaches behind the scenes jn regards to making the NXT brand a hit with the WWE faithful.

“When you talk about the coaches and Sarah Amato and Matt (Bloom) and Shawn (Michaels), it really is like being a parent in a way. Your’e guiding these kids and cultivating it and pouring your heart and soul into it and I think that’s one of the things that makes it so successful is that it’s very much this team environment.”

Takeover was indeed a very memorable night and it was the perfect way to kick off WrestleMania 35 weekend for WWE and for pro wrestling fans around the world.