The teenager from Florida who two weeks ago got arrested for trying to RKO his high school principal, was arrested again after performing wrestling moves on a fake alligator, jumping into a water display at a shopping mall according to CBS Miami.
18-year-old Gianny Sosa channeled his inner wrestling persona by damaging the $3,690-worth display alligator on Monday and then posting the video on his social media. Sosa jumped off a rock, landed an elbow on the fake alligator and then doing the RKO on the pricey display before pinning the object.
Just like things ended badly for him in high school, he had the same outcome and landed himself back in jail and faced the same judge. “You got to find something else to do. I mean, really,” Miami-Dade Circuit Court Judge Renatha Francis said. “You’re just going to keep coming back here and keep being a media sensation for all the wrong reasons.”Click Here: International soccer tracksuit