For Oprah Winfrey, every day is a Wonder Woman Day.

On Tuesday, the famed TV personality gave us major FOMO by sharing the news that she was holding a themed party based on the hit Marvel movie.

With the bash featuring a cake that paid homage to actress Gal Gadot, an appearance by the emcee and her costumed dog, and some seriously epic party favors, we’ve never been more jealous of a group of 10-year-olds than the 28 lucky kids who were invited to enjoy the festivities.

In one video posted to the host’s Instagram account and captioned “Party ova here!,” the 63-year-old shows off her trademark clap while telling viewers, “So excited because what?! It’s Wonder Woman Day at my house! I’m having a party for 28 10-year-olds.” She then placed a decorative figurine of the superhero on the cake.

And she got Wonder Woman’s blessing early on: Gadot shared Oprah’s video on Twitter along with high words of praise. “This is awesome!” she wrote.

The talk show host then took fans on a party-planning journey as she transformed into “Queen Oprah” with the heroine’s signature cuffs and tiara and themed popcorn buckets. Oprah offered a too-cute glimpse of her dog dressed up as Wonder Woman, a look at the menu (butter lettuce salad, hamburgers, and hot dogs), as well as guest gifts (flip-flops decorated with an image of the superhero).

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After seeing these envy-inducing clips, it’s clear that Oprah is proving her Wonder Woman IRL status with her over-the-top bash planning skills.

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