What would you wear with a plain white shirt? Sensible answers include jeans, sweats, perhaps a cute button-front denim skirt. But when you’re Karlie Kloss, why go for the expected?

First, let’s discuss the shirt she wore Thursday night at Maxfield in L.A. The supermodel was out to celebrate stylist Karla Welch’s T-shirt collaboration with Hanes (Justin Bieber helped out) and, naturally, made the $30 tee look like a million bucks. Indeed, there are thousands of ways to style a shirt, however, Kloss chose the best one. That high-waist purple leather Salvatore Ferragamo skirt couldn’t have been, in my humble opinion, topped.

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It’s from the fashion house’s fall 2017 collection and it’s one of those pieces you have no choice but to stare at from across the room. Her unbelievably long gams peeked on one side, while a belted-like design circled her waist, giving both the skirt’s midi design and the aforementioned T-shirt new life. As the kids say these days, it was everything.

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The shoes were chic and a subtle choice, but again, the skirt!