Former WWE star JBL offered his thoughts on the WWE-TNA Monday Night War in his latest Facebook blog. Layfield, who left WWE back in April 2009, sounds excited about the idea of TNA giving WWE a run for their money.

“I am loving the Monday Night Wars being back, or at least a one night skirmish on January 4th between WWE and TNA,” said Layfield.

“Greatest trade in history was Vince Russo to WCW, it drove WCW into bankruptcy and WWE to buying their competitor and establishing world dominance. We, at the time, were starting to think that Vince McMahon was sending Russo to destroy the competition it was so bad…

“TNA has the underdog and new guy going its way, it also has Eric Bischoff, who I greatly respect. I think Eric on his round two with Vince will be prepared. Along with Hulk (Hogan) who wants to badly compete with Vince as well.

“Main thing here is international TV rights, which both covet and make money off of. With Hulk and Eric in the mix, TNA will get clearance in many good markets to add to their international profile. Also, with Dixie Carter, who is a good friend and someone I respect-you won’t have the WCW oversized corporation.”

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