Becky Lynch sat down with Pink News before her injury to discuss LGBTQ representation in wrestling, as well as her decision to call herself The Man. In the interview, Lynch spoke openly about her belief that sexuality should not be something that holds back potential WWE Superstars.

“It’s our humanity… and our sexuality is so tied in with that. It shouldn’t ever be a thing that anyone’s ever scared to [come out],” says Lynch.

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“There should be no bias. There’s no reason that there should be. Why does it make a difference? You have a skill or ability to be whatever you are… just go do your job.”

Lynch also brought up why she is currently calling herself “The Man,” saying she’s the “most victorious of all Superstars.”

“It’s walking into the locker room—the male locker room—it’s like, ‘Sorry, lads, none of you are cutting the mustard. I’m the man now. I’m taking over the ship now,” says the champion.

“I’m the most victorious of all Superstars, both on Raw and SmackDown, in 2018. I’ve won the most matches. Therefore, I am the man of not just the women’s locker room, but also the men’s locker room.”

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WWE’s Becky Lynch: Sexuality shouldn’t be barrier in wrestling