February 26, 2020


We are kicking things off this week in a major way with the 30-minute ironman match between PAC and Kenny Omega. The Cleaner comes out with The Young Bucks behind him giving their support, but there is no Hangman Page insight…

Kenny Omega starts out getting the better of the first exchange between them and they then go on to showcase some excellent chain wrestling which then breaks down as they exchange stiff forearms. Omega then hits the basement dropkick, but PAC immediately replies with a sharp kick to the face.

Omega quickly goes for the One-Winged Angel, and PAC reverses by locking in The Brutalizer, which leads to Omega dropping back into the turnbuckles to break things up. Omega then sends PAC out of the ring and he follows up with his classic dive over the top rope, wiping PAC out.

Back in the rin and Omega continues his momentum by planting PAC face-first into the mat, gaining him a two-count. Pac manages to create a break with Omega goes high risk and misses, but it isn’t for long as Kenny connects with a snapdragon suplex.

PAC then goads Omega into going out of the ring and they begin lighting each other up with chops as PAC catches Omega with an elbow and then drops him with a huge DDT counter onto the outside. He initially tries a moonsault from the apron but got caught by Kenny, only for the Englishman to smartly reverse it.

Back in the ring and Omega slams PAC headfirst into the top turnbuckle, but as he climbs the ropes, PAC joins him. Omega gets the best of the brawl, but he’s not quick enough to respond as PAC nails Kenny with a huge avalanche brainbuster from the top rope.

PAC hits a missile dropkick, but Omega is able to kick out. The two men continue to brawl and eventually, PAC flies over the top rope, nailing Kenny with a cutter in the ring, but once again Omega kicks out and keeps the score at 0-0.

Once again the two men exchange huge forearm shots, and Kenny then catches his opponent with two knees and the Tiger Driver 98, which almost gets the first fall, but PAC somehow kicks out! Kenny then looks for his finisher, but PAC tries to fight out.

While he does that, Kenny switches it up, letting go of PAC only to catch him with a huge german suplex which somehow doesn’t get a fall! Kenny then sets PAC up in the corner, and he connects with a V-Trigger. Omega then puts PAC on his shoulders and climbs to the second rope, but PAC reverses into the powerbomb.

Omega then manages to drop PAC face-first into the turnbuckle, following it with a suplex and another huge knee to the face, but yet again PAC kicks out! PAC then rolls outside the ring, grabs a chair and nails Kenny Omega with it several times in order to try hurt him.

Kenny Omega 1-0 PAC (14 minutes remain)

After a 30-second break, PAC nails Omega with a big boot and he follows it with the Black Arrow!

Kenny Omega 1-1 PAC (13 minutes remain)

PAC takes the fight to the outside once again, confronting The Young Bucks in the process. PAC then talks trash to Kenny, and he starts responding with a few shots as PAC encourages him. The two men then end up on the ring apron as PAC gets the best of the situation, hitting a huge Falcon Arrow to Omega off the apron to the floor!

The doctor and official look to check up on Omega, but PAC hits a dropkick on Kenny as he tries to get into the ring and it leads to Omega falling back and taking them both out. With no official, PAC picks out a table from under the ring.

PAC sets up Omega onto the table on the outside and he hits a Shooting Star Press from the top rope, through the table! Both men just beat the 10 count and as PAC goes for another Black Arrow, Omega gets the knees up to counter with a crash landing.

When both men rise, Omega manages to land with two V-Triggers before planting PAC on the back of his neck, but he manages to kick out. The Cleaner then hits a third knee to the face and tries to hit his finisher once again, but PAC reverses with a reverse hurricanrana.

PAC then follows up by locking in the Brutalizer, but somehow Kenny gets his foot on the ropes after a real struggle. However, he once again manages to lock in the submission as the clock winds down, and Omega hangs on, refusing to tap as this ends a draw.

Winner: Draw (1-1)

After the match, PAC hits the official with a huge punch, showing his frustrations. However, It announced the match continues in sudden death. Aubrey makes her way down and Kenny connects with a big knee to the face of PAC, not just once, but twice. However, it’s still not enough as PAC kicks out!

Omega finally connects with the One-Winged Angel, and this one is over!

Winner: Kenny Omega (2-1)

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