NXT Champion, Adam Cole recently spoke with Sporting News about pulling double duty this weekend and having a title match at WWE Survivor Series.

Cole went through a brutal War Games match last night and he will now defend his NXT Championship against Pete Dunne at WWE Survivor Series tonight. However, the responsibility of working both shows and showcasing the NXT Title is something Cole is excited to do.

“The fact that the NXT Championship is right there with the [WWE] Universal title and the WWE title as far as being defended on that show is perfect,” Cole said. “And it again solidifies the NXT Championship as one of the most prestigious in WWE today.”

Cole revealed he expected to be part of Team NXT on tonight’s PPV,  and he also revealed when he found out about his NXT Title match.

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“I found out about the match at Survivor Series officially when it got announced,” Cole told Fritz earlier this week. “For a minute, when I was playing through stuff in my head, I’m thinking as NXT is invading Raw and SmackDown, maybe I’ll be on Team NXT if they have a Raw versus SmackDown versus NXT match. And then to seeing the teams form, (I thought to myself), ‘Okay, maybe I’m not involved in this.’ Then hearing some rumblings that maybe I’m defending the championship because the Universal title and the WWE title are on the line. So, finding that out had me even more excited.”

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