The show opens with a recap of last week’s NXT UK Tag Team Championship match between the champions, Grizzled Young Veterans, and the challengers, Moustache Mountain, which went to a no contest following Imperium’s interference. Footage of the aftermath is shown, which focuses on referees and trainers tending to Trent Seven and Tyler Bate. Tonight, Seven will provide an update on Bate.

Match #1 – Singles Match: Ilja Dragunov vs. Ashton Smith
Smith applies a side-headlock, but Dragunov elbows his way free. Smith goes for a shoulder tackle, but Dragunov shrugs it off. Dragunov comes back with chops, but Smith finally drops him with a shoulder tackle. Dragunov comes back with a cross-body and then connects with a senton. Dragunov delivers a few shots, but Smith takes him down and stomps away on him. Smith applies a modified ankle lock, but Dragunov kicks him away. Dragunov delivers a power bomb and then a few forearm shots. Dragunov knees Smith in the face, but Smith comes back with a kick to the knee. Smith delivers a fisherman’s suplex and goes for the cover, but Dragunov kicks out. Smith takes Dragunov to the corner and delivers a few shots, but Dragunov comes back with an enzuiguri. Dragunov drops Smith with a lariat and then hits the Torpedo Moscow and gets the pin fall.
Winner: Ilja Dragunov

Tonight’s main event: Dave Mastiff and The Hunt vs. Gallus.
Footage is shown of the on-going feud between Xia Brookside and the duo of Jinny and Jazzy Gabert. Brookside is backstage for an interview. She says her problems are now with Jinny and Jinny likes to hide behind bigger people. She says she will face Jinny next week and prove that The Fashionista is nothing but a coward.

A vignette for Nina Samuels airs. She says everyone at the Download Festival is there to see her. She then looks disgusted with having to interact with the fans.

Match #2 – Singles Match: Candy Floss vs. Toni Storm
Storm applies a wrist-lock, but Floss turns it into one of her own. Storm gets free and applies a front face-lock, but Floss turns it into one of her own. Floss transitions into a wrist-lock, but Storm takes her down and applies a side-headlock. Floss turns it into a leg vice headlock, but Storm gets free. Floss applies a side headlock, but Storm sends her off the ropes. They counter roll-ups and then Storm applies another headlock. Floss counters with a roll-up, but Storm kicks out. Floss applies a wrist-lock, but Storm counters with a forearm shot. Storm goes for the cover, but Floss kicks out. Storm delivers a few uppercuts, but Floss counters with a back-slide for two. Floss kicks Storm in the face and applies an arm-bar. Storm gets free and kicks Floss in the chest. Storm goes for the cover, but Floss kicks out at two.
Floss comes back with an inside cradle for two and then delivers forearm shots. Floss sends Storm off the ropes, but Storm comes back with a clothesline. Storm goes for the cover, but Floss kicks out at two. Storm hits Storm Zero and gets the pin fall.
Winner: Toni Storm
-After the match, Kay Lee Ray attacks Floss on the ramp and lays her out with a forearm shot. Ray stares down Storm until Storm runs up the ramp. Ray heads backstage as Storm checks on Floss.

A vignette for Ligero airs. He says he as always stood out and been unique, but that doesn’t equate to wins. He says the wins have evaded him lately, and it is important to reawaken his drive. He says there is always a way to turn things around and there is always hope for change.

Trent Seven makes his way to the ring. Seven says he usually doesn’t do this alone. He says Pete Dunne is elsewhere and can’t always be called up. He says Tyler Bate has been hospitalized and is injured. He says he is here and has been since the beginning. He says Imperium are claiming that the mat is sacred. He says it is British Strong Style’s mat and Imperium seems to bend the mold to fit themselves. Seven says he will be claiming the head of the snake and is coming for Walter. He says it will be for Dunne, Bate, and the Trent Seven Army. Seven says he doesn’t care when or where or about the title, he just wants a fight.

Mark Andrews cuts a promo. He says he considered Kassius Ohno a hero, but now he will prove to Ohno that he deserves to be here. The two will go one-on-one next week.

Match #3 – Six-Man Tag Team Match: The Hunt (Primate and Wild Boar) and Dave Mastiff vs. Gallus (Joe Coffey, Mark Coffey, and Wolfgang)
All six guys brawl in the ring and Mastiff and The Hunt get the advantage. Boar and Mark finally are the only two in the ring and Boar beats him down. Primate tags in and smashes Mark in the corner. Mark comes back with a chop and then tags in Wolfgang. Wolfgang stomps away on Primate and then slams him into the corner. Joe tags in and delivers body shots to Primate. Joe applies a wrist-lock and then delivers a shoulder tackle. Joe slams Primate into the corner and tags in Mark. Mark delivers a few right hands, but Primate comes back with a forearm, a boot, and a clothesline. Boar tags in and connects with a senton to Mark. Boar spears Mark in the corner, but Mark comes back with a forearm and a chokeslam. Wolfgang tags in and goes for the cover, but Boar kicks out at two. Wolfgang connects with a senton and goes for the cover, but Boar kicks out again.
Wolfgang takes Boar to the corner and tags in Joe. Joe delivers body shots and then slams Boar into the corner. Joe punches Boar in the face, but Boar counters with a few shots of his own. Joe slams Boar to the mat with a spine-buster and goes for the cover, but Boar kicks out at two. Joe applies a bear-hug, but Boar counters with a few headbutts. Boar takes down Mark and Wolfgang, but Joe drops him again and tags in Wolfgang. Wolfgang goes for the cover, but Boar kicks out. Mark tags in and delivers a body shot in the corner. Joe tags back in, but Boar connects with an elbow shot. Joe comes back with a power slam and goes for the cover, but Boar kicks out at two. Joe applies another bear-hug and then tosses Boar across the ring. Joe sends Primate to the floor, but Boar comes back with a jaw-breaker. Mark tags in.
Mark delivers an elbow shot and throws his tape at Mastiff. Boat delivers a side suplex to Mark and then Mastiff tags in. Mastiff delivers body shots and then sends Mark down with a back body drop. Mastiff connects with a leg drop and then sends Wolfgang down with a belly-to-belly suplex. Mastiff knocks Joe to the floor and then plants Mark with a German suplex. Mastiff goes for the cover, but Mark kicks out at two. Mark comes back with an enzuiguri and tags in Joe. Mastiff delivers a right hand and then a suplex to Joe. Mastiff goes for the cover, but Wolfgang breaks it up. Mark gets into the ring, but Mastiff sends Wolfgang flying and then sends Mark onto Wolfgang. Mastiff goes for a suplex on Joe, but Joe blocks it. Joe power slams Mastiff and then sends Primate to the floor and spears Boar into the corner.
Mastiff suplexes Mark into the corner and then sends Joe there with a headbutt. Mastiff connects with a cannonball on Mark, but Joe dodges it. Primate and Boat take Gallus out with suicide dives and sends Joe into the ring. Mastiff connects with a senton and Primate hits a headbutt on Joe. Wolfgang knocks Mastiff and Boar to the floor and then sends Primate out as well. Joe takes Boar down and then delivers All the Best for the Bells and gets the pin fall.
Winners: GallusClick Here: edinburgh rugby jersey